About Us

NJ Living is a UK based company which specialises in the residential property market operating in prime central London.

We have an extensive knowledge of the property market and with our exclusive networking, we acquire development opportunities, to restructure and refurbish, and to produce outstanding luxury homes.

With our comprehensive architectural know-how, project management ability, tradesman skills and creative interior design, we have been producing homes that have expression and style, but above all have value for our clients. This is why most homes developed by NJ Living have gained record high sell prices compared to other flats in the same area.

In addition to property acquisition and development we offer to sell, let or manage properties and we aim to achieve the maximum value for our clients. During the entire process we handle the legal work and involve financiers to offer our clients the most competitive mortgage rates.


Due to our integrity and quality of work, this is why all of NJ Living clients have remained loyal for many years and many continue to increase their portfolio.